I like to flirt.  It’s part of who I am.  But I’m not good with names.  I don’t care to remember them so I don’t.  It’ snot like I typically see them more than once – typically.  So I have a nickname for women – Duckling.

It started out just as a way to push them away, to let them know I don’t really care about them.  But as I got older it changed a little more too – Ducklings are cute, soft, vulnerable as most women are.  It became an insult at times.  And if you are a man and I’m calling you Duckling it usually means it’s an insult.  I can only think of one reason I’d call a guy Duckling and that’s if I truly felt something for them.  Meaning it would become a term of endearment.  But since I don’t get close to people that doesn’t really seem like something that’s going to happen soon.

I don’t have a go to nickname for men… Cowboy is one I use on a regular basis but it’s one of those that changes on it’s usage.  I could be insulting you with it.  Or could be implying other things with it.  I’ve called men Jack but it’s more of a threat than anything else.

Guys don’t typically do the nickname thing well so it’s not something I have a go to for.  And unless I’m in the right place I can get punched for flirting with a guy.