I’ve never been much of a daydreamer. I’m not much of a looking towards the future or wondering what my life would be like if X were to happen to me. Day dreams are great as long as you don’t sit around wishing and you are acting upon those dreams.


Trapped in a situation you can’t get out of? It sucks. My first year in the Academy I was trapped in that type of situation. My mentor was abusing me. I will admit this now to a few people – mainly myself but still I admit it now.

Favorite Food

I love food. Granted I’m rather picky about what I eat, but food is a great thing. And I prefer to make my own food. I’ve been cooking since I was about 10 mostly because it was a comfort. Now because it puts me in the right frame of mind.

Wild Flowers

I’ve never been a big flower guy. I don’t see the point in reality. Flowers die unless they are those silk ones you can buy in the store. I’m not big on romance either I guess having never actually dated anyone seriously.


I know the title really doesn’t have much to do with the photo prompt today, but the picture was uninspiring to both AJ and I so we asked AJ’s best friend and she said “Spanish vacation! Cuban cigars! somewhere tropical”. Those were the things that sprang to mind


1 or 0. Yes or No. Black or White.

The world isn’t binary there are so many shades of grey between white and black, so many infinitesimal numbers between one and zero.


Time is one of those things that is relative to the person standing in that moment. My time in the Academy felt like forever. My time out in the field, these past ten years has gone by in a flash.

Yearly Outings

Every year as a child and teenager we took a trip upstate New York to the woods and learned how to survive in the wilderness. It was a two week long trip at every level.

Blurred Lines

I am neither Venatori nor Human. I am neither straight nor gay. I knew neither my mother nor my father. I could probably go on, but you get the idea.


The greatest influences in my life have been women. Despite my feelings about my mother she greatly influenced the man I became today. And Both Dae’lin and Margo have helped me heal.

Touring Boulder Headquarters

That is the main difference to NYC HQ and Boulder HQ, shit closes around here. At 8 am I was standing outside the main building of the HQ compound and no one was there yet. The woman who opened the door smiled at me and let me inside. I sat down and waited another 30 minutes for Michaela to show up. I was not impressed.

My Theory

I’ve had a lot of time to refine my theories. I believe those who can see the patterns, whether it is something learned, or natural can touch them and eventually with enough training manipulate them.


I don’t think I’ll retire – I don’t think I’ll live long enough to get old and gray and hobble around on a cane and retire from my job. Most Venatori hunters do not.

Target Practice

The only thing a pigeon is good for is target practice. They are nothing but flying rats. They scavenge everything and poop everywhere – flying rats!

Though I have never thrown a fireball at a pigeon.

Limited Visibility

My father can see the future. It’s a rare talent even among the Venatori. I’m glad my vision is limited. At least in knowing what can happen next.


The age old question of kids. Do I want any? Hell, yes!

Following and Leading

The idea of random photo prompts is difficult when you get a generally same picture as you had recently. And as I write I come up with a topic so yay me! Are you a follower or a leader?



Playing catch other than in the vague sense wasn’t ever part of my curriculum at the Academy. Venatori fathers don’t play catch in the backyard with their sons. They don’t teach them how to swing a baseball bat to hit the ball. We aren’t taught to shoot hops nor are we taught to throw the long field spiral or kick a soccer ball. We are taught one thing – to fight.

Meeting Michaela

When I got to the bar there was this short brunette standing outside leaning against the wall. She had her back to me and all I could think was nice ass, but I had more important things to do than hit on girls.