One Extra

Today is leap day. A hell of a day to be born, having a real birthday once every 4 years – totally suck if you ask me.  Not that birthdays are something all the great for a child without a family either.

Jace and I used to celebrate my birthday together, when we were kids we’d stay up all night eating junk and jumping off the roof.  As we got older we spent my birthday out on the town seeing how many bars we could get thrown out of.  I think the record on my birthday was 3.  That doesn’t include the ones that just plain wouldn’t let us in to begin with – being minors and all.

The past ten birthdays have been less than ideal. I’ve been on the road for all of them.  June is a particularly busy month for Venatori hunters of my so-called caliber.  Every June since my own Ad Aetatem I have been a new hunter’s handler as Michaela was mine when I graduated.  I’ve been working with them passing their list of marks and unable to celebrate correctly on my birthday, however I do celebrate just not on that day.

After they complete their last mission I take a trip to Dangdburgh or back home to visit a friend for a few days.  Jace and I get into trouble with his wife and in Dangdburgh I’m pretty much in for those days. But it’s good times and makes me wonder how those on the 29th deal with their birth day only coming once every four years – big party I’d hope.