I’ve been drunk once in my life.  It was a rare occasion in which I was actually having a good time with my roommates – yes the very same roommates who bullied and tortured me throughout school.

We were sixteen just coming off a big test.  I don’t even recall if we’d done well on it, only that it was stressful and we were all hanging out in our room with beer and other liquor we could find.  We got plastered playing various drinking games to relax.  We ended up playing truth or dare. A good share of the dares involved them playing against their own sexuality, when they finally realized that it bothered neither Jace or myself they started upping their game.

My Tattoo

Once they had me drunk jump from the AU building. It wasn’t a pretty landing but I only had a few scraps and bruises for it.  The others got other near life threatening dares too. Jace was the one who dared me to face the one fear I’d yet to face – that of needles.  He said I dare you to get a tattoo.  So I did.  Drunk, relaxed and nearly numb from the alcohol we went to the AU tattoo parlor and banged on the door until Ash opened up. He was a she – transgender going through a sex change.  It was revolutionary inside the AU building.  Ash is the best artist.  She laid me down and I promptly passed out after I chose the tattoo.  Thankfully I don’t have to stare at it to remind me of my stupidity or my fear.  But I have two tattoos – the pair of crossed swords at my temples that says I’m Venatori and the four elements in all their glory on the back of my neck.