Crazy in Love

Not something I have ever been in.  Never been in love – definitely not crazy in love.  Some would say I’m in love with myself. Egotistically speaking maybe I am, but I’m no narcissist.  I’m aware of my own faults and I try to correct or compensate for them – though usually in the wrong fashion. I’m okay with who I am. I’m always evolving.

But I’ve watched crazy in love – Jace and Mia. Jace and Mia met in the typical way in a classroom when they were thirteen.  Mia was in her first year at the Academy  – as she was not Magnus her formal education in the Venatori didn’t begin until then.  She was schooled in her own home town among other Venatori children, but only the residents of the city actually school their children at the Academy for all years.

Mia couldn’t stand Jace. Mostly because he was friends with me, and Mia had been forewarned of me by other girls in the class. Not exactly sure why they disliked me, it’s not like I was hitting on them, the one and only time I hit on someone who didn’t welcome the advance was Dylan and I got the shit kicked out of me for my efforts.

But Jace and Mia were forced to be partners in some exercise or another – they spent time together and  at the tender age of 13 they kissed and then Jace played it off like he didn’t know her. It went like this for the remainder of that first year.  It was another two years before they actually went on a date – several dates before Jace did something stupid again; I think he slept with some guy at a party.  He was plastered which is his weakness and I was busy with my own bedroom friend so I wasn’t keeping him in line.

It played out like this on again and off again until Jace and I graduated the Academy. I didn’t get to see them in the last stage of their romance before Jace proposed.  I know that he was with a guy near the end – nothing serious but good sex from what I’m told before he and Mia got back together.  In a few months Jace had proposed, they were married just as quickly and a year or so later Naya was born.

It may not be a tale of  romance or even logic why they ended up together, but it is the only story I know where things work out in the end.