The Bone Crunched

Have you ever walked into a mass grave dump site? The bones crunching underneath your feet. Sadly I have – all part and parcel to the whole hunter gig! Most supernatural creatures do not eat humans for dinner – with the exception of vampires they do drink blood. Usually the mass graves are murdered victims.

Dragon’s don’t usually kill humans unless they are protecting their hoard.  Demons will for the fun of it – they are the only truly evil supernatural creatures.  But like most Marionettes they require a human host and most people are smart enough not to accept a demon into their body.  It is rare for a demon to possess a human without their permission same for angels.  Ghosts on the other hand do possess humans for the hell of it.

Each race has their own enforcers, individuals who enforce the races rules and that of the Clandestine Providence, however only the Venatori are arrogant enough to believe it is their given right to police the whole world to their liking.  While the Aeternus were the progenitors of the Clandestine Providence, it doesn’t give us the right to enforce our will on everyone.

I went wildly off topic, I suppose that’s enough for now.