The Fight

Early in my career as a hunter, I faced my first dragon. I was young, naive and pretty full of myself. I’d just come off my final training as a hunter and I was on my own for the first time in as an adult. Not that it was all that much different from regular life, just now I wasn’t worrying about my roommates and what they’d do to me next or what test I had to study for. Now I made my own rules, made my own food, made my own bed – etc.

But me being me I stick to a schedule, the same schedule I have for my entire life. Only now I’ve modified it to fit life on the road.  So the day I found my dragon and confronted him I was already a bit on edge because of the shift in my schedule. I’d found out the hard way the road was no place for a schedule as I’d had for years. It was a fluid thing.

Anyway, I was already on edge when I found my dragon, he was accused of murdering humans in a robbery gone wrong. The video I saw of it was definitely incriminating and he’d go down in both human and Venatori courts, but he didn’t give me that chance.  We were having a regular good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff when all of a sudden he opened his mouth and a gush of heat followed immediately by dragon’s flame leapt from his mouth.

I dodged out of the way but I wasn’t fast enough. He caught me on my left leg. I had to use water and earth to douse the flames before I went up with the sticky fire on me. It was only moments, the injury was bad, thank god for Venatori healing or I’d probably have died.  Most people would have, most hunters aren’t Magnus, and those that are are Magnus second to hunter, me I’m the other way around. My schooling and lessons were always for my Magnus side and hunting was the secondary. It also helped that I didn’t have parents sending me one way or the other. I am a better hunter because of it.

After the initial shock of it was over I threw a fireball/blade ring/disc something at the dragon and his head toppled to the ground.  I spent the next few weeks in a burn care center in Boulder, and then three months in rehab dealing with what the damage of the fire had done. Mostly I was kept out of hunting so I wouldn’t hurt myself again. It was a fight just to get started again, but I did and I never had another major mishap like that – at least not one that anyone knew about.