No, I won’t

I won’t do it. Hardly a phrase I’ve ever uttered. But there is one thing I will never do – try to kill someone because it is my “god given duty” to.

I know I go on and on about how I dislike the Venatori methods.  I should do something about it, you should say? My next question would be what would you do?

Everything I have ever known is the Venatori. I did get a basic education in reading, writing, arithmetic and the basics of being a good approximation of a real human being. My diploma says I “graduated” high school like a normal person. But I have no skills that would be beneficial to human society. I might get by in a kitchen or doing grunt work, but that is literally about the only thing I can do that could earn money to live a human life. So leaving the Venatori because I dislike one aspect of it is rather difficult.

So do something about what you don’t like. What can I do? The Venatori have been hunting the monsters since before there was written word. What am I to try to change millennia-old traditions? Why would they listen to a 29-year-old kid who is nothing but a trouble maker?

I do what I can. I don’t kill my marks. I bring them in for a trial. It is all I can do. Unless by some cursed miracle I become the leader of the Venatori there is no real change I can do among my people.