Hmmm… so many ways to think of a six pack. And all of them make me go yum. There are many who’s first thought would be to beer. I like beer, it’s my go to alcohol, but I don’t drink as much as I pretend to. My favorite brew is a Sam Adam’s Irish Red. As much as I hate to admit it that probably comes from my mother’s Irish blood more than anything. But I never asked her what she liked, we rarely spoke after I turned 18. Now she’s gone so there is nothing more to think about there.

Of course, there is the disgusting sugary thing called soda pop that comes in a six pack, but you won’t catch that shit near my lips. Yes, I’m that guy!

But the best six pack I can think of comes in the form of a man’s washboard abs. The strength and power that is shown just by looking at him. OK, I’m weak in the knees right now. I like a woman with a little definition, enough to trace a wet finger over or my tongue, but I don’t want a woman whose only preoccupation is to bulk up – definition is good – nuttin but, no can’t do that.