I’ve never been much of a people person. I know it’s not something most people think of when they are around me. People disappoint me. They say something and then do the complete opposite. At least, when they hate me I know that’s not a front and they aren’t going to disappoint me.

In the Academy, I never meshed with my fellow students. It was by pure luck that I got on with Jace. He could have been one of the popular kids. He could have been a star if he’d not become my friend. Everyone likes Jace despite the fact he was loud and troublesome. He was that kinda person – still is.

Now I work alone. I talk with Jace about once a week.  He calls me up to ask how I’m doing to make sure I’m not stuck in a hunt funk. One of those self-deprecating moments when my world is gone to hell and I can’t crawl out of it alone.

I’ve worked with a partner before, but we never mesh. I rely on my skills as a Magnus and most Venatori would rather rely on their weapons. I don’t carry more than a survival knife and a handgun – my Salvation and Damnation.

I am better off alone.