Never Say …

Never say never. Never say it’s impossible. Anything and everything is possible however improbable it may be.

You learn this lesson early on in the Venatori. You learn magic is real. You learn monsters are real. You fight demons and angels. Your learn from werewolves and dragons. Even ghosts are real.

There are very few things in life that I will never try. Life isn’t about taking it the safe path, it’s being who you want to be. The kind of person you want to be proud of. I am afraid of heights. So what do I do? I jump from the top of the highest building with only my magic to catch me.

I fly in an airplane even though the thought terrifies me.

I push through my fears the best I can. Some are a bit more fundamental but I try. I always try.

Never give up. Never surrender. Wasn’t that a line in Galaxy Quest? But it’s the truth. The moment you give in, is the moment you are doomed to fail.