I will admit I had to look up the word to make sure it meant what I thought it did. I really don’t have anything to rant over. I mean there are many things I don’t agree with within the Venatori but I’m not exactly vehement about it.

I still hunt the monsters. I make my stand by not killing them relying on my talents and skill to capture them – which forces the Venatori to give the creature a trial and waste time and money. Even if they are usually found guilty and the penalty for any crimes against humanity is execution it is a pointless exercise. But at least I gave them a chance. I didn’t have to kill them.

I have taken the lives of my marks, but it was always in self defense. I’ve never killed because it was my perogative. I wouldn’t resort to violence if I had a chance – that’s one of the downsides to trying to hurt someone early on in life. Guilt beyond measure.

The only other thing about the Ventori I take issue with is the family situation. If a child is not wanted they are raised by the community. Which all in all is good the child still wants for nothing. But they don’t have a family. They aren’t loved. The Venatori don’t try to find homes, all children are trained in the ways of the Venatori, for a ward of the compound it’s always about your duty.

Granted I’m biased as I was raised that way. I felt the communities ire at having to tend my needs. The definite lack of love throughout my childhood has scared me starting with the day my mother left me here. If I could I would make sure every child had a family to call their own, even if it was just a makeshift one. But kids need that love to prosper. I never knew how much I needed it until my father came into my life. We aren’t the best of friends, we rarely talk but he will shoot me an email or call me up when he’s concerned about me. And this is a new feeling for me. I try to call him too, but I’ve a lot more work to do on that front.