The List

I was given a list of my next five marks, just 5 names – someone had already found them and I had to do the work in reverse now.

One Extra

Today is leap day. A hell of a day to be born, having a real birthday once every 4 years – totally suck if you ask me. Not that birthdays are something all the great for a child without a family either.


I’ve been drunk once in my life. It was a rare occasion in which I was actually having a good time with my roommates – yes the very same roommates who bullied and tortured me throughout school.

Crazy in Love

Not something I have ever been in. Never been in love – definitely not crazy in love. Some would say I’m in love with myself. Egotistically speaking maybe I am, but I’m no narcissist. I’m aware of my own faults and I try to correct or compensate for them – though usually in the wrong fashion. I’m okay with who I am. I’m always evolving.

The Bone Crunched

Have you ever walked into a mass grave dump site? The bones crunching underneath your feet. Sadly I have – all part and parcel to the whole hunter gig! Most supernatural creatures do not eat humans for dinner – with the exception of vampires they do drink blood.

The Fight

Early in my career as a hunter, I faced my first dragon. I was young, naive and pretty full of myself. I’d just come off my final training as a hunter and I was on my own for the first time in as an adult. We were having a regular good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff.

Mr & Mrs

Marriage is pretty traditional in the Venatori. Though being unmarried and having children is also very common. I chose the picture associated with this because it’s not traditional as I’m not traditional.


Again my mind goes to the first childish thing in me – one of three topics I love to talk about, myself, food and of course, sex. But water has a much greater influence despite my initial reaction to giggle like a school age child. There is a fifth unbendable element – it is the life force itself.

Ad Aetatem

The Ad Aetatem is a series of three rituals – first the sacrifice, the second the vision question and the third the mark. Every Venatori of age must endure all three to become an adult.

The File

My file is rather large. I have been with the Academy since I was 5. I have been in therapy since I was 6. I was in trouble a lot so there were quite a few incident reports in school. I have been hunting for 10 years. All this combined makes for a very large file in the Archives on me.

No Pen

Since the subject is No Pen, I won’t write anymore. Here are images that speak to me on a personal level.


Security blankets were not something I had as a child. Before coming to the Venatori I didn’t need one, I was safe in the knowledge that I was loved but it was shattered when my mother spat at me for being a monster – an uncontrollable and dangerous magnus that would end up hurting more people than she cared to count. She saw only one thing about me – hated me for it.


Frozen conjures several images for me but one stands out among the crowd. Frozen is a nightclub owned by Johnny Rose. My first visit there was astonishing.

A Pink Tutu

My first inclination and thought about this prompt was about my sexuality. However, being me isn’t just about the things I complain about what other people find offensive about me. So I’ll go a different direction. Dance!


A little girls learns that boys are different than girls. So totally on my prompt topic today!


Insert Beavis and Butthead laughter here. “Hehe, he said stiff.”

Yes, I’m twelve!

In all honesty I can’t get past that particular thought.

What a Jerk!

I remember being a child – hiding from the bullies around the corner uttering to Jace those very same words that I know get “what a jerk. I know my mouth is a defense mechanism to push people away so I don’t get hurt. I will never allow them to push my buttons so that I am afraid of the light.

Dinner with My Parents

Tonight I ate dinner with my parents – BOTH of my parents – with a woman who left me at the airport terminal with a strange man thirteen years ago, and a man who’s been around my whole life and a sort of idol of mine.

No, I won’t

I won’t do it. Hardly a phrase I’ve ever uttered. But there is one thing I will never do – try to kill someone because it is my “god given duty” to.

You knew?

I find it hard to believe that someone out there other than I know what happened. If you knew what happened to me, why didn’t you stop it?