A Nightmare

Snap! The length of air cracked in the air before it bit into my flesh with another wet slurp as it pulled away from the flayed skin. My hands were spread on the wall I dared not move. I was frozen against the gray concrete wall. I could feel the blood running down my back. I could feel my skin knitting together as the next blow landed.

The pain seared through my body and I could feel the fear rising deep inside. I didn’t want to be afraid anymore. A blast of fire came from behind me and I turned around against my fear. The man who’d once been fear incarnate to me was burning alive. I could smell the burning flesh and hair. I could hear the screams of as the fire licked his skin and and burned away the flesh.

I felt the bile rise up but I didn’t take my eyes from him as I stared in the eyes of a dragon or a demon or some great creature that saved me from the monster. I watched as his body turned to ash and he floated up into the heavens before being pulled back down by gravity and falling into the darkest of pits.

The ground fell out beneath me and the world spiraled into darkness…I sat upright, my heart racing, my breathe was ragged. I could feel the fire, and the pain from the whip. I could still smell the burning flesh…