Describe Yourself

Ha! You ask a guy with an ego bigger than himself to talk about himself especially describe yourself and you are going to regret it.

Let’s see. Brown hair and eyes. Yeah, not flashy words but it works. Women have told me they are jealous of my eyelashes – long and thick. Okay. I say thanks but just shrug. Granted I probably think pretty highly of them too if they weren’t my own. Despite my words, I’m just an average ordinary guy who likes to pretend there is more there than there actually is.

I have a pair of cross swords tattooed on my right temple – all Venatori do its part of our cultish rite of passage. And for me being terrified of needles it was a big deal. I have another tattoo I don’t actually get to see daily on the back of my neck. It depicts the four elements. I got it the only time I’ve been drunk. It was the first and last time I drank too much.

I have a scar on my left check running underneath my eye past the corner of my mouth, ending in a neat point in the middle of my chin. The real story there is a girl who was possessed by a ghost tried to kill me, she obviously missed but left the scar as a souvenir.

I work out – a lot. It’s a coping mechanism as well as the means for me to keep up with true Venatori. Since they are super strong, super fast, it was the healthy lifestyle and the gym that kept me top of my game so I wasn’t bottom rung of every fighting competition I had to deal with throughout school. So the tall skinny kid is not so true, I’m not a wiry fellow anymore, but it takes a lot to maintain what muscle I do have.

I have three more scars I’m proud of and one that I don’t let most people see. There is one that I like to say an ex-girlfriend wolverined me – it’s a series of 3 claw marks ripping across my chest from my right shoulder to my lower left side. It’s a ragged scar caused by a werebear attack. The same attack that killed my mother. Thankfully it didn’t kill me.

I have a scar on my right arm where a vampire took a chunk out of me. That one could have killed me and there’s a long explanation as to why it didn’t. It’s round and looks exactly like you’d think a mark like that might look like – the outline of someone’s mouth wrapped around your arm.

The last of the proud marks is the scar running my left leg – from my knee to my ankle. It’s a great burn mark and if my quick thinking and my magical ability hadn’t put the dragons fire out I’d probably be dead right about now. It’s ugly to look at but it’s probably the one I’m most proud of, and also, the one I learned the most from. Human form dragons can still breathe fire.

The last of my scars runs the entirety of my back. I learned early on how to hide it from any prying eyes with my own magic. ti’s a series of overlaying slash marks across my back. I’m sure you can guess what they are, but I don’t want to talk about it. Not yet anyway.