There really isn’t much to tell about my first kiss. The resulting beating afterwards was far more memorable but it never really stopped me. Have I been cryptic enough? Good.

My first kiss, I initiated. I was a still a small boy, but I was gaining height quickly around 12. I was gangly and I found myself unappealing and I wasn’t exactly noticing girls for the first time that came a year or two later. I had those strange feelings about other boys. The guy I was crushing on was a few years older than I was. He was on the swim team. I watched him from a distance. I was an outcast so people didn’t tend to notice I was around most of the time.

We were at an afterschool party in the boys dorms. The swim team had just won a meet and we were all celebrating as championships are one of those things worth celebrating. Dylan was alone in the kitchen. I was always loud and obnoxious but that day I wasn’t. I was quiet and shy but I struck up a conversation with him. It was when I first noticed I was getting taller than kids older than me. It was nice not looking down on this guy I was crushing on badly. We talked about him, he like every other guy I know like to talk about themselves. I was keen on letting him know how I felt so I kissed him.

I knew he was straight. I knew it wouldn’t go over well. I expected him to push me away and pretty much just walk away. I was wrong. He not only caused a scene by yelling. “Oh my god. You freak. What the fuck is wrong with you?” He then proceeded to give me a beat down. I was used to being a punching bag. He got in a few good licks before I stopped the whole thing with a wall of air between us. The first punch nearly broke Dylan’s hand, but he was a fool and tried to hit me again. I of course snickered at him from the safety of my wall. Until his friend walked up behind me and sucker punched me pretty much breaking my concentration and doubling me over. I wound up in the infirmary for a few hours and detention for a few days. Dylan on the other hand wasn’t punished fairly, since I had started it by kissing him. Something I didn’t deny.

I didn’t exactly kiss many other Venatori boys or girls for that matter after that. I did have a few run ins over the years with kids in the Academy with me, but most of my sexual and sub-par romantic encounters were with my human counterparts out in what I called the real world.

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